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Site Announcement: Camp arrives at the Kinneil Estate

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Hello friends!

We’re very excited to announce that the Climate Camp crew successfully raised our camp in the beautiful Kinneil Estate between Bo'ness and Grangemouth.

We're just 1 mile away from INEOS' Kinneil Terminal, and we’re here because nowhere else in Scotland even comes close to damaging the climate as much as INEOS Grangemouth. This is the heart of Scotland’s fossil fuel monster.

INEOS are planning to build a new plant to generate hydrogen using fossil gas, to rebuild the oil refinery, and to pump pollution underneath the River Forth. If Scotland is to escape from the tyranny of fossil pollution, it must urgently transition to something better, and that change has to take place at Grangemouth more than anywhere.

Climate Camp Grangemouth is a people-powered festival of action built by community groups, local people, workers, and climate activists. We’re so excited to get started!

The Camp opens at 6pm Wednesday and closes at 4pm on Monday 17th July.

A reminder that there are a number of infections circulating at the moment so please keep yourself and others safe by not travelling if you are ill. Covid tests will be available at Welcome Tent if you need them.

Here’s where and how to join us.


Arriving by public transport

🚍 Coming from Edinburgh or Stirling? Catch theCitylink 909 direct to Kinneil 'Livingstone Drive'.

🚆 The McGill's No. 2 bus goes between Kinneil and Falkirk train stations for other destinations including Glasgow.

The area is well connected by bus, train and road. Use traveline for general public transport enquiries:

Arriving by car

🚗 Car drop-off space is available in the Kinneil Estate (Google Maps), follow the brown tourist destination signs. Once you've unloaded please park outside the estate.

Please be considerate of local residents' needs and in a dispersed way around the local area if you are able.

We will try to prioritise adjacent parking for people with access needs. If you haven’t been in touch with the camp prior to arrival, speak to someone at Welcome Tent about this when you join the camp.

Arriving by bicycle

National Cycle Route 76 goes directly through Kinneil Estate and past the camp. Use the path from either the Grangemouth or Bo'ness sides to access the camp.

The bike path runs from Edinburgh to Falkirk where it connects with the canal path to Glasgow.

Camp Guide

You can read the Camp Handbook now including the Workshops, Actions and Socials programme, introduction to the issue and maps at the link:

Print copies will also be available at Welcome Tent, where we will also have Covid tests, advice and info, and facilities to take donations.

Also: make sure you get text updates by joining our ‘Camp Broadcast’ Signal Group.

Packing list

  • Water bottle

  • Food container (tupperware)

  • Mug

  • Some snacks for yourself

  • Tent

  • Sleeping bag and rollmat

  • Rain coat and jumper

  • Boots or wellies

  • Enough clothes to last you

  • Face mask

  • Your medication, toiletries, sun cream, midge spray, hygiene and sanitary products

  • A battery block (to charge your phone)

  • Money for local buses and camp donation

Some useful legal info

This is a squatted site. Scottish law on occupations has little clarity and there are no specific “squatters’ rights”. There are situations where the police could remove us, but we think that's highly unlikely because the process takes more time than the length of this camp. We also think it is unlikely there will be arrests without warning and time to leave.

Legal Support are monitoring the situation to keep you informed and make plans if the situation changes.

Occupations are covered by Section 68 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 and the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865. Police may also end an occupation using laws which do not apply to squatting, such as Breach of the Peace, for example a landowner can apply to the Sheriff Court for an order to repossess land being occupied and occupiers will be issued with a time by which they must leave the site.

You can find more information about these issues in SCALP’s Occupation and Squats Guide:

We aim to keep police off-site at all times. A designated police liaison will be the contact point between the camp and police and others should not engage with them. Legal observers will also be present.

Scottish Community & Activist Legal Project (SCALP) will be present on site during Climate Camp. Watch out for their “Know Your Rights'' workshop and there’s more info in the Camp Guide, so do have a read.

A word from our Media Team

Hey splendid folks!

Over the last months the Media Working Group have developed a strategy and messaging to make sure that we stay consistent with the objectives we agreed on for Climate Camp Grangemouth. We ask that if you are approached by the press or asked to speak on behalf of Climate Camp Scotland you in the first instance contact the Media Working Group, rather than act independently.

You can also refer journalists directly to and our press phone 07925776336. These will be monitored between now and the end of the camp.

Here's hoping for a well covered camp with lots of positive media pick up! See you over the next few days 😊

We hope to see you very shortly at Climate Camp Grangemouth.

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