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Climate Camp Scotland intro meetings this winter

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Climate Action Scotland is proud to be supporting something pretty exciting for 2020: a climate camp to take direction action against Scotland's fossil fuel polluters.

Four people standing on a street holding a banner saying "fuel poverty, pollution, food prices, CLIMATE JUSTICE = SOCIAL JUSTICE"

The camp will take place next summer and there's lots of jobs to do to make it happen. We'd love to extend an invitation to you to take part.

Introductory meetings are taking place over the winter, to explain what a climate camp is, what we can achieve together, and begin planning activities in working groups, including outreach and logistics.

The next intro meeting will take place in Glasgow, 15 December. Venue and details will be posted on Facebook.

We want the camp to be a chance for folks across communities, networks, organisations and movements to share knowledge, get trained and take action against the biggest polluters.

Stay in touch by:

Lastly, do have a read of the Climate Camp Scotland Proposal in full, also available in an editable format.

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