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Climate Camp Scotland is taking shape!

Climate Camp Scotland is taking shape!

Circle of people sitting in a field smiling and waving
Reclaim the Power camp near London, 2019.

9-14 July has been set as the provisional date for Climate Camp Scotland.

The camp's next two Big Group meetings are also confirmed for:

>> 14-15 March, in Edinburgh, including meetings on Saturday and a family-friendly action on Sunday. To help us with numbers please sign up here.

>> 25-26 April, in Fife, meeting with local groups and whole-group planning.

Big group meetings are the best way to get an introduction to the camp and find out how to help out, so do get along if you can.

Climate Camp Scotland have been in the news repeatedly in recent weeks, including after Police Scotland listed the camp as one of three priorities for the year alongside COP26 and the golf!

Action has been given urgency following a town hall meeting organised by the Mossmorran Action Group that followed widespread outrage from workers and national figures about flaring from the plants, branded as apocalyptic.

Shell and Exxon's pollution at the site is also putting the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) under pressure.

You can stay up to date with the Camp build-up by following Climate Camp Scotland on Twitter. To get involved or join a working, get onto Slack or send an email to

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