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Grangemouth and Mossmorran Solidarity

Climate Camp Scotland offers full solidarity with striking workers at Grangemouth and Mossmorran today.

The people of Scotland are watching billionaires like Jim Ratcliffe who have spent decades profiting from pollution and piling it in tax havens. Something has to give!

ECIA workers need a pay rise now and we all need an energy system that protects us from poverty and nourishes communities and the planet.

In Grangemouth workers and the community must also be given resources to build a just transition from fossil fuels. And although transition may be tomorrow's struggle, not today's, it is also the people, not bosses, who should be listened to on how to build a green transition, just as today it is workers, not bosses, who should be heard on how to address the deepening cost of living crisis.

Climate justice means economic justice!

Climate justice means workers rights!

Solidarity with striking workers!

- Climate Camp Scotland

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