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How the #RisingClyde took COP26 by storm

Climate Camp Scotland was not front and centre during COP26 but we were very busy supporting, networking and encouraging other groups and using our comms channels to promote actions we felt worth shouting about.

In particular, Climate Camp Scotland members did organise a number of actions, some visibly, with Glasgow Calls Out Polluters and Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment, and since these actions were rarely well promoted by other NGOs, we thought it good to celebrate them here. It was a busy couple of weeks!:

  1. In the face of huge police intimidation multiple rallies took place outside the world leaders’ dinner at Kelvingrove.

  2. Climate strikers and activists joined the picket lines with the striking Glasgow cleaning staff and the RMT’s Sleeper picket.

  3. Youth strikers disrupted a speech by Alok Sharma.

  4. Generally bothering Ministers inside the Blue Zone including questioning Kwasi Kwarteng.

  5. Adhacking all about the place: too much to share but we love this and this and these bus stop ads.

  6. Disruption at an event by oil company Eni by demanding they stop gas export in Mozambique.

  7. Telling Natwest and Iberdrola to get te.

  8. Protests against climate financiers including JP Morgan, Barclays and Standard Chartered.

  9. Discobedience rally against Glasgow’s pension fund investment in fossil fuels.

  10. Getting police disruption and malpractice called out by environmental groups.

  11. Glasgow Calls Out Polluters completed their first ever in-person Toxic Tour of Glasgow!

  12. Raising the banners for climate justice, against Shell and Exxon and all fossil fuels at the marches on 5th and 6th.

  13. The Yes Men foiling the UK Government’s corporate ‘Race to Zero’ programme.

  14. Successfully blockading a swanky dinner for polluters at ‘Make Them Pay’.

  15. Disrupting an event by Natwest bank, Mizuho, Oliver Wyman and others promoting women as corporate ‘changemakers’.

  16. Protest to Axe Drax outside one of their side-events.

  17. Dance performance against the Scottish Ballet’s sponsorship by BP.

  18. Loads of stunts and actions by the Stop Cambo​ campaign including getting the Queen to turn on the North Sea and protesting the EACOP at the gates of COP.

  19. A projection battle on the walls of the COP26 venue with Gastivists.

  20. Marching to the Home Office with our siblings at Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment to protest the hostile environment.

  21. Joining the mass walk-out of delegates from COP26.

We’ve not included actions by Extinction Rebellion, the Glasgow Actions Team and Friends of the Earth. Stop Cambo actions are included but not comprehensively. Although we supported these to some extent, they had higher visibility given their support from funded NGOs.

Things published by our close allies during COP26:

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