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Update On Saturday's Big Meeting

Dear friends,

After getting feedback from camp supporters about how to respond to Covid 19 we have agreed to hold Saturday’s meeting online and cancel the in-person gathering.

We will meet online together 2 - 5.30pm tomorrow. You can read our draft agenda and find a link to join the meeting HERE

Official Government advice states that the virus has not yet spread enough to make the banning of meetings such as ours necessary. However, a number of facilitators and speakers are unable to attend the meeting and there was further concern about excluding people who were self-isolating or vulnerable.

Although having such an ambitious meeting online is something of an experiment, we are pumped about making it work! Feel free to buddy up in person with someone you know to join, or email us for help.

We are still very much planning for Climate Camp 2020 to take place in July. We’re getting really excited about our plans and hope you’ll consider joining us.

With love and solidarity,

Climate Camp Scotland Coordination Group


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