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What happened at the Mossmorran Action Weekend?

This weekend we came together online and in person to take action at the gates of Mossmorran, Fife. Together we told Shell and Exxon: enough is enough, it’s time for a just transition, shut down Mossmorran!

Over 100 of us also camped, ate (wonderfully), learnt and planned together in fields nearby, visioning a better future and making it real at our collectively-run camp.

Read and watch all about the weekend, including some fantastic press coverage (the Independent, the Courier, Desmog), photos on our Facebook page, and our three live streams:

  • Introduction to Mossmorran and Climate Justice

  • Rally at the Mossmorran gates

  • Our visions of the future

Climate Camp Scotland is built and made collectively. If you think you might like to take on a role or help shape future camps or campaigns, join our Slack to pitch your ideas or hear how to get involved, including taking part in our online debrief later this week.

We'll have a full report on the weekend and more about what's next in the coming weeks and months. We hope you'll stay with us to keep up the momentum and plan for the future.

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My father was injured in an explosion at shells plant. An explosion that was attended to by 8 fire engines and 2 ambulances the ambulances were sent away before a casualty assessment of my father. Shell accepted liability due to unsafe working procedures this has been conveniently kept from the main stream media. Shell and kaeffer didnt pay his wages while off he caught cancer which went terminal and he passed last year. Shut that place down before it takes Lochgelly with it. The on the shop floor feared the whole plant was about to go

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