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Nearly 100 people came to our big group meeting to agree that our 2020 Climate Camp will target Exxon and Shell’s gas plant in Mossmoran, Fife! Mossmorran is Scotland's third worst polluter, an essential link to the manufacture of plastics and a major recipient of fracked gas from the US. The almost constant flaring - burning of gas that can't be sold - disrupts and pollutes the local communities.
Despite all the rhetoric about a climate emergency and just transition, the Scottish government has done nothing about Mossmorran apart from rubber-stamping a £140m investment by Exxon. Shell is planning a further 50 years of operation. We cannot let them get away with their crimes.
The site for the camp itself is yet to be released. It will be in the surrounding area. Stay tuned. 
ExxonMobil Fife Ethylene Plant

Mossmoran, SCOTLAND

Mossmorran, Fife, Scotland, KY4 8EP


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