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Travel Info

The meeting point for Climate Camp Scotland 2024 is Aberdeen Railway Station on 10th July 2024. 


The camp will take place a short journey from here by local public transport. The precise location of the camp will be announced on the morning of 10th July by email to everyone registered and on our Signal Group, the Climate Camp Broadcast:

The easiest and cheapest way to travel to camp is by using the coaches we booked from Glasgow and from Edinburgh (stopping in Dundee) to Aberdeen, bringing you directly to camp on 10th July, and back on 15th July. Book your tickets now:

Aberdeen is also well connected to all parts of the UK by bus, train and road. Use traveline for general public transport enquiries: 


For cheap open return coaches from any Scottish town or city, we suggest going by CityLink coach: 

If you are driving to Aberdeen and want to offer spaces in your car, join this signal chat for lift-shares:

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