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Climate Camp Scotland
10-15 July 2024


April Decision Day Meeting

Join us for our third decision day for Climate Camp 2024 - 6/04/2024

  • Location: Edinburgh Kurdish Community Centre, located at Dumbryden Rd, Edinburgh EH14 2AA.

  • Time: Saturday 6th April 10.00 - 21.00. Drop in and out as and when you need to​

There is a lot of excitement and energy in local communities and campaigns about climate camp coming up to Aberdeen again. July will be a critical time for a lot of campaigns in Aberdeen and in Torry.

We urgently need to build power against oil & gas in the north East. With big infrastructure projects like Peterhead gas station in the works and more offshore oil fields being developed it has never been more critical to take the fight to the heart of Europe's oil capital.

We need to decide what our key vision and objectives are for this year's camp, this requires everyone’s participation and insight. The decisions we make on the 6th of April will set the direction for the many different working groups within CCS organising towards camp. It will also provide structure to our relationship building in Aberdeen & for our local groups all over the country.



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