To ensure that everyone feels safe, welcome and included in our spaces. 
We all hold conscious and unconscious biases that can affect our relationships, interactions and activism. We aim to actively challenge the systems and institutions of violence, privilege and domination that uphold oppression both within and outwith our group. 
We agree to: 
  • Ensure consent is a cornerstone of all interactions.
  • Be respectful to others at all times.
  • Avoid engaging in behaviour that excludes, threatens or disrespects other people on the basis of: gender identity, ability, immigration or citizenship status, ethnicity, age, nationality, sexuality, religion and belief, working status, income, appearance, experience.
  • support and engage in community and personal accountability.
  • actively engage in conflict resolutions
  • make no threats or attempts at verbal or physical violence towards another person.
  • Be able to leave the group in a respectful way if asked to by the Coordinating Group; for example, following a conflict resolution process which concludes that your participation is undermining the group, and no other resolution is tenable.