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Take Action against Climate Breakdown
Shut down Fossil Fuel Corporations

We want as many people and as many groups to take action with us as possible. Before your group decides to do so, please familiarise yourself with our action consensus, and have a look at additional resources on what it means to take direct action. 

Action Consensus 2024

Our action will highlight the power of collective resistance through mass direct action, valuing all levels of participation and the full diversity of roles needed to run an effective action.


When taking action together, we keep each other safe and check-in on each other's capacity and wellbeing. We make decisions during the action as a collective, using affinity groups structures to ensure that we can be responsive to changing circumstances.


We stand in solidarity with workers and communities most affected by the fossil fuel industry. Our action is not targeted towards workers in the sector, and we aim to minimise disruption to the local community as far as possible. 


We use tactics that do not intend physical harm to any person.


We do not talk to the police, leaving communication to support structures such as Police Liaisons.

We ask that autonomous groups taking action to abide by our action consensus and act in alignment with the CCS Values and Approach, and 2024 Objectives. In particular, we ask that autonomous groups minimise the likelihood of arrest as much as is practical within the objectives and design of the action, and engage with legal and arrestee support systems if there is a chance of arrest.​

Affinity Groups

Some of the best actions happen with a small dedicated group of friends.


Affinity Groups are small autonomous groups of activists taking action together. If you're not in an affinity group yet, form one with your friends - or form a new one at camp!

If you are already in one and planning stuff, you don't need to tell us. But you can sign up on this secure form if you want some pointers. 

Know your rights in Scotland

Scotland has its own criminal justice system, its laws on protest are different to England and Wales. Please watch the video below in preparation and visit the SCALP Website for more resources.

What is Mass Direct Action

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