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Climate Camp Grangemouth: thank you

The set down crew is happy to report that the Power Clam has been unplugged, the Kraken has been calmed, and Mr Jimmy's head has been whisked away. Climate Camp Grangemouth is done!

We hope everyone got a good wee rest before normal life kicks in again.

These five days have been fantastic with actions, workshops, gigs and songs, almost every kind of weather: a time for the Scottish climate justice movement to come together to take direct action and learn from each other.

Climate Camp is a collective effort and we would be writing for a very long time to thank people individually, but for everyone doing everything from occupying gas power plant roof tops to making the food and the countless other roles, this week wouldn't have been possible without every one of you.

At Climate Camp Grangemouth we were able to shout loudly that INEOS' attempts at greenwashing, continuing business as usual, importing fracked gas, and creating 2.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually will not be accepted.

The Grangemouth area, including our campsite at Kinneil, is a beautiful place. To be present there, just a mile away from the edge of the INEOS site, Scotland’s biggest polluter, allowed us to see together how urgent it is that we have a transition away from fossil fuels. The people of Grangemouth shouldn’t need to suffer the consequences of a billionaire in Monaco’s pursuit of profit at the expense of people and the planet.

We hope that you will continue to imagine and fight for a better world with us.

What's next? If you'd like to get involved with climate camp, share photos, project ideas or reflections, or join a working group, join our Discord.

We really want to collect everyone's reflections, comments and ideas about Climate Camp. For now you can do this on Discord but we will also share how you can do this in a more structured way in the coming days on our email list.

If you've not done so yet, please consider donating to Climate Camp Scotland to help fund awesome collective action that helps bring down fossil fuel billionaires:

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