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Climate Camp Scotland is returning to Aberdeen

This summer Climate Camp Scotland will take place somewhere around Aberdeen, from the 10th to the 15th July, to take the climate justice struggle to the heart of the oil and gas industry.


Our camp will be a people-powered space where we eat, live, discuss, strategise and learn together, to take action against the corporate greed and profiteering of oil and gas that is ruining communities in Aberdeen and destroying our planet.


Why Aberdeen?

Aberdeen is Europe’s Oil and Gas Capital, with headquarters from almost every fossil fuel major there, new Oil and Gas fields like Rosebank being developed, and a new SSE gas power station being proposed in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Fossil fuel profiteering is the root cause of the climate crisis that destroys our planet - let’s take the fight there.


The Fossil Fuel Industry destroys local communities, taking away St Fittick’s Park, the last green space for the Torry Community, to make space for a massive greenwashing zone, while hundreds of the poorest residents are evicted from social housing. The fossil fuel industry is hitting those who are poorest hardest - let's show solidarity with communities on the frontline of the climate struggle.


We know that climate justice won’t be handed to us by governments and corporations - it has to be built from the ground up. Across Europe, the climate movement is reclaiming land and water, taking on the private jet industry, and disrupting the fossil fuel industry’s greenwashing attempts. 


Climate justice is in our own hands - join us in Aberdeen to start turning the tide.

We are organising coaches from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Camp to make travel as easy and affordable as possible. Book your tickets now:


Please contact us via secure email at anytime if you have questions, suggestions, or exciting ideas!

10-15 July, somewhere around Aberdeen

Mass Action against Fossil Fuel Industry

Workshops, Talks, Arts, Music, Dance

Solidarity with Local Communities

A collage of five images, from top-left to bottom-right, A protest against INEOS at Grangemouth, cooling towers at Grangemouth with "INEOS SCOTLAND'S WORST POLLUTER" projected onto it, a man in a red poncho and hat smiling and holding a microphone, a collection of clouds, and a band performing
  • Why Aberdeen?
    Aberdeen is the oil and gas capital of Europe, hosting the headquarters of BP, Shell, and other oil and gas corporations, as well as fossil fuel insurance firms and the UK Government Oil and Gas Authority. Hundreds of oil and gas fields are still in development, such as the Rosebank Oil Field. At the same time, local communities in Aberdeen suffer from fossil fuel expansion, with the community of Torry, one of the most deprived areas in Aberdeen, set to lose St Fittick's Park, the communities last accessible green space, to make way for an "Energy Transition Zone" facilitating fossil fuel greenwashing. All of this makes Aberdeen a frontline of the struggle against climate breakdown, and we need every activists in Scotland and beyond to join us.
  • Where exactly will the camp be?
    The precise camp location will be announced on the morning of the first day of the camp, on 10th July 2024. The preliminary meeting point is Aberdeen Train Station, from which you will be able to travel to the final camp location.
  • Why a climate camp?
    Climate camps are a major tactic in European climate movement, and serve the purpose of (1) movement building by hosting a variety of workshops, discussions and talks about the climate crisis and our strategy to stopping it and (2) gathering a large amount of activists to take part in mass action, for which a camp is handy in training, preparing and building trust between activists.
  • Why a mass action?
    Direct action to stop the climate crisis can encompass many things, including civil disobedience, blockades, boycotts, strikes and more. We choose mass direct action as a tactic agains the fossil fuel industry to (1) minimise the risk of arrest for each of us, as the police cannot arrest all of us at once and we can keep each other out of the criminal justice systems reach (2) enable as many people as possible to take part who would otherwise not be able to, e.g. due to them not wanting to be arrested and (3) do things that would not be possible with a smaller group of people - certain actions are much easier to achieve the more people take part, e.g. a blockade or a strike
  • Why the fossil fuel industry?
    The fossil fuel industry is the root cause of the climate crisis, which is driven by our economic system's dependence on oil and gas extraction to fuel economic growth at the expense of people, workers, communities, non-human animals and natural environments. While there are other legitimate targets for climate activists, e.g. governments, we choose the oil and gas industry as a focus point, to provide a direct challenge to those most responsible for the climate crisis on their home turf in Scotland.
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