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'Day of Resistance' against INEOS ready to begin on Saturday

A fracking protest outsde INEOS Grangemouth in 2014.

A ‘Day of Resistance’ against INEOS’ profits from pollution will begin at 11.30am tomorrow.

Those wishing to take part should arrive at camp by 9am for a full briefing and bring a packed lunch with you. The action will involve considerable walking so wear sturdy shoes.

Wheelchair users and people with mobility issues may be able to get public transport from the camp to the destination but we cannot guarantee that services will be running as normal so make adaptable plans.

The protest will leave the Kinneil Estate car park at 11.30am to a second location in the Grangemouth area which will be announced on our press list before 1pm Saturday. Please note that press will not be welcome on site before the protest begins.

Location of camp and Kinneil Estate car park:

Travel information:

The camp is located just 1 mile from INEOS’ Kinneil Terminal, part of INEOS’ estate in Grangemouth which is Scotland’s most polluting site.

Despite Scotland's plans to transitioon away from fossil fuels INEOS have no plans to close their Grangemouth site, which created a staggering 2.4 million tonnes of annual emissions when last counted by SEPA and the company is planning a new plant to manufacture hydrogen using fossil gas.

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